Filling & Capping

Modular Dosing Machines and Systems

Modular Dosing Machines and Systems for processing vials, ampoules, cartridges, syringes and other containers.

The machine concept provides scope for continuous and intermittent-motion rotary machines as well as intermittent-motion linear machines. The dosing station is designed to process liquid products using rotary piston pumps. However, it can also be equipped with alternative dosing technology such as peristaltic pumps or a time-pressure dosing system. The ampoules are sealed by melting and pulling off the tips of the ampoule stems — a well validated system. The containers are closed by gentle and exact positioning of the closure.


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Equipment Solutions by application


Compact cleaning machines for intensive and thorough wet cleaning of glass and plastic objects.


Sterilizing tunnels for drying, sterilizing and depyrogenizing glass containers using an unidirectional vertical air flow.


Autoclaves and steam sterilisers from 25 litre laboratory benchtop autoclaves up to 8,000 litre chamber volumes.


Pharmaceutical freeze dryers and complete freeze dryer systems with automatic loading and unloading.


Labelling machines for bottles, vials and similar stationary objects with self-adhesive labels from the roll.


State-of-the-art Isolators with integrated catalytic converters, highly efficient filter cartridges for fast decontamination cycles.

Robotic Handling

Robot-based automation solutions (Smart Factory) and future predictive maintenance concepts.

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