Glove Testing System

Our Glove Testing System enables to carry out glove tests in pharmaceutical plants fast and straightforwardly. It is possible to test the built-in gloves directly in the isolator or RABS. You are able to carry out all tests decentralized and simultaneously. Easy handling by user-friendly operation, wireless data transfer and computer-aided data acquisition and moreover any disturbing wires.
Among other things, the system provides the following data:

  • Fully automated measurement with preconfigured parameters tailored to your glove type and detection requirements.
  • Automatic glove filling no additional air supply needed with automatic glove filling pump.
  • Superior hole detection of holes smaller than 100 µm while maintaining short measurement times.
  • 100% mobility lightweight and completely wireless glove testing system
  • Long operating time for repetitive measurements to validate your entire isolator/RABS without troubles.
  • etc.

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