Freeze Drying

Supply of vacuum and freeze drying technology. We are specialized not only in the production of small laboratory machines, but also in the production of large production plants. Our production range includes:

  • Laboratory freeze dryers as modular construction system with an ice capacity of 2 up to 10kg/24h
  • Pilot freeze drying plants with a shelf area of 0,12 up to 2m2
  • Production freeze dryers with up to 90m2 shelf area for pharmaceutical and food industry as well as for biotechnology
  • Rotary freeze dryers for 5 up to 3000kg pourable product to be dried
  • Vacuum drying plants with a chamber volume of 50 litres up to 5m3/90m2 shelf area
  • Rotary vaccum dryers with large production capacity (up to 36 DWP)

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